Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Big Birds

Just to prove I wasn't imagining the subject of my previous post, when I was in Portland on Sunday with my friend Olivia on hand for moral support I got a couple photos of the scary chickens and roosters in the gallery window on Congress St. These are from the Bridge Gallery and as you'll see, not only is there an entire line-up of freaky fowl, they're all overseen by a giant, unsettling puppet master. Let's send around a petition to force the Bridge Gallery to pull some curtains on that nonsense and display a series of mspainted muppets instead.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Call me a chicken, but I don't need a realistic painting of a rooster's face. That's what greeted me in some gallery window in Portland today, though, as I walked with my parents and the dog down Congress St. to the farmer's market in Monument Square. In fact, there were multiple of these paintings, and I think there were some angry hen faces thrown in for good measure, too. Close-ups of angry fowl faces set against deep red backdrops. Who likes that?

I love chickens and roosters, and I love how they look in general (to say nothing of the way they taste!). But when you get right down to it, they have some scary faces, and roosters, considering they're typically angry for real and they've got blood-red flesh hanging all over their faces, are not what you want eyeing you in enlarged form. Need I remind you, or the featured gallery artist from earlier, that chickens are descended from RAPTORS? You do not want to be given the evil eye by that dinosaur nor by its descendent.

Watch out, here comes a demonstrative example now!